despair is the only way in which one can expose one´s inner self with honesty.M. Rothko + art is either plagiarism or revolution P. Gauguin + 'You have to work in an area where there are no possible pronouns or solutions, or reactions, or standpoints - that's what makes it so diabolically difficult.S. Beckett + Et j ´oppose á l´amour des images toutes faites au lieu d´images á faire.P. Eluard(comme 2 goutes d´eau) + Great art is the outward expression of an inner life of the artist, and this innerlife will result in his personal vision of the world.” - Edward Hopper + Identity and legacy ,G Mavridis.

Ask Thoreau 4 that again
It's not about the "free shipping", it's about the "forever shopping"
My Third uncle claims : No free gifts 2 mediocrity
Utopia's epidermic wings are singing : a sunny and warm year makes a  good life!!
The importance of the representation than the thing represented / a mediocre society against a few high intellectuals / have a opinion about everything than stay silent / talk about the form and the technique of an art piece than the work in its totality..
Cultural anarchy wins democratic vote on useful arts instead of fine arts
Was Simonides right to quote "painting  is silent poetry and poetry is speaking picture"?
Is the washing machine which washes our everyday memories more important than our memories ?
Do we need words to remember our memories?
Do we use false words to describe our memories?
Nothing less - anything more
It was always easier to entertain yourself in hoarding things
Dante plays canto 7 analogue again
The banks play the stress test with the hoarders and the wasters
We have to re-define simplicity
L'immortalité n'est pas l'affaire de tout le monde..
Lost is love
Love is love
Hear no Lear, king Lear
Clear and.. Cleaning
Liar / no truth
GoodWater, Goodweather
Love is lost
It's true from the moment we choose
Can I remember your lips to paint them?
Love, life, death and the in-between issue
Lost a head, found another
We've been dressed to be digital although the elite plays in analogue
Any records 2 buy? Maybe I need a new turntable ..hm
Waiting in the rain , waiting in vain
R u ready 4?  R u seeing anything in the horizon?
U got your stuff
U asked 4 your stuff
U kept your stuff
U stuffed your stuff
Startling Pansexual heat will glow again
U milky meaty fleshy stuffy machine
A good and worthy deed
Liberty lost herself 2day
Freedom came true in nothing
U gamble your luck and your myth of success
In Plato's cave, are you looking at the shadows or at the source ?
Her silence says everything
Silence produces violence
Don't know how 2 react
Stop the violence, break the silence
-I don't want to spoil a good liquor
-where you would like to go , no money objection ?
Bride me 4 pain
Bribe me 4 pleasure
I'm the reason that everybody is leaving
From Pansexuality to childishness
From Hyle and Morphe to neonothing

Mother Father Mirror

..in  portraiture a person exists or existed, although this person is not present in the room, in this way portraiture is art in the service of memory, the portrait remains before us when the model is absent or deceased..a mirror produce images of here and now..

Catalonia Referendum (Spanish police kicks out illegal referendum- let them vote), triptych drawing (oil on paper), 21 x 29.5 cm each

  about Lyotard 
..reality entails the différend 
..Lyotard term for a dispute resulting from the fact that one party cannot voice her complaints (or points) because the other insists on speaking within a different language game of discourse (such as one person speaking with narration and the other within speculation)..

metaphors in transit 3

it's a strange thing to be immersed in the culture of painting and to wish to be the first painter..P.Guston 1966

i am very glad that you will stay tomorrow / it's beautifully beautifull to see you all the time / are you prepared to leave?
partir est mourrir un peu..
find some birds and painstakingly put them back in order to draw
have a dioramic view
representation of a representation
from spiritualize to despiritualize
if gods decide to destroy you , they make you mad
i invite the Furies in madding you
standing alone 
i bought an italian coffee machine at the campo de fiori watching Giordano Bruno's statue
i remeber his burning

metapolitics in aesthetics
go astray / use it or lose it / discrepancies 
l' éloquence
is there life before death?
at the same time you try to identify yourself, you prepare your own legacy
so you ask yourself again: is there life before death?
where stands this ''now''? /  what measure i need for this? / am i permitted to hope? 
standing alone in the '' present ''
 am i become Pollyannaish?

Murakami said that japanese culture became childish because they feel castrated 
Picabia said  that one must be a nomad, pass through ideas as one passes through countries and 

Lyotard said that drifting is in itself the end of all critique

-i dont like your manners
-that's all right, i am not selling it..R.Chandler

metaphors in transit 2

la beauté urbaine est toujours une beauté en situation..G.Simmel

post modern
eliminate narrative, reduce decoration, purge allusion
the democratic mediocrity asking herself : are you real? i shop therefore i am / i facebook therefore  i am / i instagram therefore i am / am i ? / are you? / my reality is what the photographic shows / i become my photographic reality / hooloomooloo land / the whole world goes flat on a computer or tv screen / flatness surface doesn't equal paint image / the inconvenience inconvenienced
Achilles and Ajax play board game in Exakia's attic black figure amphora
every time it rains people smell badly
Parrhasius's curtain invite Zeuxis's touch
the despair of an artist is often misunderstood
decanting , transferring people in another place
 death, destruction and loneliness..is about to pass
broken into pieces
perfection is never innocent even when you dream
craving for success, hankering the morning glory, you look tired and worn
try to propel yourself again
cypresses everywhere
no audience no poetry
a meridian snapshot lover
the boundary of enough is more
if you want to amuse the others, talk about yourself

Glimpses in derision of cynical realism

Glimpses in derision of cynical realism 
 (Even the dead have a free smile )

The country is grey and white 
Airing the catastrophe of the recurrence
sad and schizophrenic  
Go whistle, go figure, go cladding zealots!
Corruption starts with brandy and cigars!
The village doesn't  dictate the estate
Peripheral spaces in Dwellings  
To dwell ..
It goes astray
Clearly music in your pearly teeth 
Don't you  look so Prokofiev now..
Eyes roll asleep 
I salute the beauty
Put your hands to your hips and return
No seducing dance anymore
Pink white shirts
Intricate days
Holly smoke! 
Photographers snip snap
Take your time, the building is burning 
Herakles  is throwing a blanket into the water
Soft banks flooding in the river
No bitterness 
Hanks's lose honky tonk Blues
A couple in the grass
A couple in the grace
A Race
Coltrane's meditations 
Best summer cocktail 
Highly solitaire humans
You said that alcohol and cigarettes kill slowly
And they replied " we're not in a hurry"
The world is what it is and you make of it what you can
Is only Wealth can make sense of being alive?
..children filling holes in the ocean with sand buckets
Velazquez's portrait of Pope Innocent X at Galleria Doria Pamphilj
La promesse de bonheur
The multi hybrid 
A four country frustration in the name of one land
Diasporic artist constantly reinvent his praxis
Slippery shore
The path from Becket to advertising 
Choke from overeating art food
Photoshop and german dealers rebuilding their empire
Facebook and american dealers rebuilding their empire
The village doesn't  dictate the estate 
Goddard said : Une pensée qui forme, une forme qui pense"
The body language of self awareness 
Displacements reactions