despair is the only way in which one can expose one´s inner self with honesty.M. Rothko + art is either plagiarism or revolution P. Gauguin + 'You have to work in an area where there are no possible pronouns or solutions, or reactions, or standpoints - that's what makes it so diabolically difficult.S. Beckett + Et j ´oppose á l´amour des images toutes faites au lieu d´images á faire.P. Eluard(comme 2 goutes d´eau) + Great art is the outward expression of an inner life of the artist, and this innerlife will result in his personal vision of the world.” - Edward Hopper + Identity and legacy ,G Mavridis.

Breath again../elmavridgoes2London

We shall breath again 
in every morning's light 
The fog is  not coming for breakfast 
We ride smoothly  like the gas smell 
Settle back and enjoy your ride !
Man alive!  there are  Colgate smiles everywhere
Did you see that woman?
Her Colgate  smile picture is fading into a transparent yellow layer 
I can kick myself out, thanks
Assiduous landscape at the immigrant flow
Simulacra lavender , the new perfume for clean white sheets  
Goya's Disparates printed on pink tiles decorate the corrupt political parties 
I ate cod yesterday , tomorrow I will look for the chips
Beware of The very well endowed calf
Time will tell
Santa Lucia's eyes ,Santa Lucia's sight 
Zeitgeist crusades
 Bacchanalia land
Truth's green colour   
time mind, time spirit 
What is happening in the undying  sorrow  loveliness ?

Body odour rancid sweat ../elmavridgoes2london

Body odour rancid sweat

I have seen him take the pennies from the dead man's eyes
The fat man is typing harder
Good evening he answers
His sweat is more rancid
His odour perfuming the library space
His aura switches off the lights
My secret life blossoms through your nostrils.. he smiles
Atrocity came along ,
I am alive and you are dead , dick!
Following the tracer road
Now it's the time for the dogs
They only kill their masters