despair is the only way in which one can expose one´s inner self with honesty.M. Rothko + art is either plagiarism or revolution P. Gauguin + 'You have to work in an area where there are no possible pronouns or solutions, or reactions, or standpoints - that's what makes it so diabolically difficult.S. Beckett + Et j ´oppose á l´amour des images toutes faites au lieu d´images á faire.P. Eluard(comme 2 goutes d´eau) + Great art is the outward expression of an inner life of the artist, and this innerlife will result in his personal vision of the world.” - Edward Hopper + Identity and legacy ,G Mavridis.

in dire straits? ( Brexit talks begins..)

nous ne sommes pas tournés vers le dehors : nous sommes tournés hors..J.L.Nancy

Herakles is sitting over London, drawing, oil / oil pastel on cotton cloth, 130 x180 cm

 Disasters walls

Sexuality goes blind,
it was just a wink wink
wink me!
Fragonard's L’Escarpolette
L'ouverture  of the eye
plaisir économique,
extrémités emblématiques et énigmatiques
A Global Δυστοπία is a  local decay even as we re-invent new..
Believe in unicorns
No more Jonestown utopian promises
Angry hungry
Angry hungry twice !!
Have your cake and eat it, said
In his  studio A hooded Gaston's self portrait smokes
C'mon have a cigar, the clouds have now broken
The allegorical melancholia of self-portraiture paints the time
Deuce coupe
Cose mentale
Herakles erected
nude mentale goes to conceptual nude
Take the mickey out!!
Le regard est la chose qui sort..
Cauda / la queue of an animal
Go ahead, light a candle
Macabre / repellent
..being there but where?
the new temporal presence of the past
Στιγμή ..
The great  remedy to the miseries of this world is the absorption into the present moment
Le soleil se couche
moi aussi

2 Drawings for London disasters, oil pastel on paper, 29 x 21 cm each

Horror disaster / under the bridge 

Greedy negligence / aesthetic detachment 

there is no there

There is no there
Eyrydice was waiting to turn green on red.. instead was Lazarus who came out 
La jouissance of lightness
At a loose end I was dead before I was I
Je regard le mur.. Qu'est-ce que tu vois?
La lumière qui meurt 
At same field where the imaginary and the real are playing together the score is a nil draw
The Henry Darger's hermafrodite misfortune young creatures 
Neither this or that
Profound ambiguous 
I had some grapes for breakfast
Rebellious Cezanne enthrone Achille's Empéraire deformed body 
Quelle heure est-il ?
La même que d'habitude..
Le silence et la solitude des peintres

the sky, the same grey empty sky, suddenly open
the sky, the same blue empty sky, suddenly open
the absent I affirms the Other
memory follows the pas au-delá
the detour of the impossibility
Eyridice follows Orpheus's gaze, she is more shade than image
Orpheus, a glass shade
Homer, a founding hero of european literature
Nietzsche was trying to prove his forgetfulness
i remember a young man
i remember another and the other coming from elsewhere 
the sky is not there anymore

study for Goddess appears to immigrants, oil on canvas,150 x 155 cm


nature is a temple..

poetry goes incognito

the muse is a forgetful memory..

Arcadia Lost - night bus, referendum night, oil on linen, 180 x 130 cm

the woods of Arcady are dead
and over is their antique joy..
grey truth is now her painted toy.. W.B.Yeats

52 \ 48 - referendum result, oil on linen, 180 x 135 cm

le quotidien II - the eternal return of the same

everyday existence never had to be created

study for autrui, oil on linen, 48 x 48 cm

Autrui is a man without horizon, coming from a no land, coming from 'autrui' cities, cities between appearing and disappearing..

le quotidien

..the everyday existence never had to be created..

Aesop's Brexit III

play time in OU-topia..
it is the empty space bordering and framing representation
Louis Marin 1982

why you walk into my garden?
said the spider to the fly..

Aesop's Brexit II

At the Lock's Rape Tavern, a wig wear makelare was expressing The feeling being comfortable in Englishness in front of a Gainsborough landscape
But Aesop's oxen are long gone, eaten
l'echange est échangé..
" Simulacra !! " shouted the other place
Aubains, no mirrors for you was the answer !!
inside Rhyparographos's obsonia picture, absinthe Doris in her usual lethargic blank look, opens her smelly french fries mouth and whispers : Simulacra in Englishness !!

Aesop's Brexit I, study for Aesop's head, oil on linen, 48 x 60 cm


i am not your friend to love you when you like , i am the other , 
the other , 
like you ,
as you are too, the other..
you prefer to keep on fantasise on loving different people at the same time with me . 
Am i your key hole fantasy?
..action takes place and i am inside you with all these beautiful creatures you carry within and so generously you deliver them to me
Are you another Alice through the looking glass? Are you Alive through the looking glass?
..the annoyance feeling when they asked me who am i , what is my name, where do i come from..at the end , truth always brights in your bedside besides your painful process, reminds me a strange sunlit in a rush hour..
a powdered gold God whisper : liberate the elephant!!
I wonder where the cage go? I wonder why you keep thinking of those wonderful people out there in the dark ? Giving presents for a better clean consciousness! 
an endeavour of an intense scrutiny ..
farewell to the blue cow-frogg eyes 
i gave him 2 more headache pills, looks better now, totally stoned, a compulsive giver..
now he talks
extremely fond of the idea of a family..ja ja , sailing against the tide
borrow an idea of a future from your local bank.. ja ja sailing against the tide
borrow a sweet poison of a false way of life
the aurora sound of the pipeline
you do come first.. sometimes easily..
afraid of rejection
i am afraid too
everybody  does
how odd can be when everybody is afraid of the same thing
a feeling of a mainstream fear

the tigers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instuction..William Blake


Rapture (south folk stories), 130 x 180 cm , oil on canvas , 2017

Breath again../elmavridgoes2London

We shall breath again 
in every morning's light 
The fog is  not coming for breakfast 
We ride smoothly  like the gas smell 
Settle back and enjoy your ride !
Man alive!  there are  Colgate smiles everywhere
Did you see that woman?
Her Colgate  smile picture is fading into a transparent yellow layer 
I can kick myself out, thanks
Assiduous landscape at the immigrant flow
Simulacra lavender , the new perfume for clean white sheets  
Goya's Disparates printed on pink tiles decorate the corrupt political parties 
I ate cod yesterday , tomorrow I will look for the chips
Beware of The very well endowed calf
Time will tell
Santa Lucia's eyes ,Santa Lucia's sight 
Zeitgeist crusades
 Bacchanalia land
Truth's green colour   
time mind, time spirit 
What is happening in the undying  sorrow  loveliness ?

Body odour rancid sweat ../elmavridgoes2london

Body odour rancid sweat

I have seen him take the pennies from the dead man's eyes
The fat man is typing harder
Good evening he answers
His sweat is more rancid
His odour perfuming the library space
His aura switches off the lights
My secret life blossoms through your nostrils.. he smiles
Atrocity came along ,
I am alive and you are dead , dick!
Following the tracer road
Now it's the time for the dogs
They only kill their masters